Beach 90th Street, sometimes referred as Beach 90th Street – Holland, is a station on the IND Rockaway Line of the New York City Subway. The station is built on a concrete viaduct. New lights have been installed. There is a crossunder to the tile mezzanine. Canopies are wood and have numerous holes and missing sections. The station has no benches on the platforms. The side wall is metal with wood over the steel on the lower half. The southbound side has an extra exit on the south end, which has been sealed and street stairs removed. [1][2]StairThe "Holland" designation refers to Michael P. Holland, one of the early developers of the area in which the station was located. It was originally built by the Long Island Rail Road at Holland Avenue and Beach 92nd Street between May and June 1880 along the Rockaway Beach Branch for the nearby Holland Hotel, and was also a trolley stop of the Ocean Electric Railway. It was rebuilt in 1899, and again in 1914 with a baggage storage facility. Like much of the Rockaway Beach Branch and part of the former Far Rockaway Branch, it was closed in 1941 and rebuilt as an elevated station in 1942, only to be transferred to the New York City Transit Authority on October 3, 1955 and reopened as a subway station on June 28, 1956.