Centre Avenue station is one of two railroad stations in East Rockaway, New York. The station is officially located at Forest Avenue between Rocklyn and Centre Avenues, one block East of Atlantic Avenue (20.0 miles to Penn Station), however it is actually located south of Centre Avenue on a dead end street across the tracks from a school building. A sidewalk from the intersection of Forest Street and Centre Avenue leads to the station.

The station was opened in 1898, and originally known as South Lynbrook Station until 1924, when it was renamed after Centre Avenue. Though the station is wheelchair-accessibile for the handicapped, as is every station between Valley Stream and Long Beach, it lacks a station house and offers little more than high platforms with shelters, and a ticket vending kiosk. Parking is available primarily for residents of either Lynbrook or East Rockaway, with residential permits.

Platform and track configurationEdit

This station has two high-level side platforms each 10 cars long. The east platform, adjacent to Track 1, is generally used by westbound or New York City-bound trains. The west platform, adjacent to Track 2, is generally used by eastbound or Long Beach-bound trains. The Long Beach Branch has two tracks at this location.


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