East Williston is the first station along the Oyster Bay Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. It is located at Hillside Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue, in East Williston, New York. It is also the terminus of electrification for the Oyster Bay branch. Since the rest of the branch is diesel, service is mostly provided by diesel locomotives. However, one electric train a day originates here, for the sole purpose of third rail polishing.


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[edit] HistoryEdit

East Williston's station house was built sometime in 1880. It originally contained a freight house and wooden platform shelters that were closed during the mid-20th Century. The canopies surrounding the station house began to sag by the 1960, but were restored between 1965 and 1966. High level platforms were added in December 1982.[1] These projects did little to keep the station house in stable condition, and it was closed on December 10, 1996. Since then, it has operated as little more than a pair of sheltered high-level platforms with ticket vending machines and handicapped access ramps. Efforts to preserve the original station house failed when it was found to be too structurally unstable, and it was razed on December 11, 2004. Some in the community[who?] have been considering building a whole new version of the original station house. The LIRR still uses an image of the former station house for their official website.

[edit] Platform and track configurationEdit

This station has two high-level side platforms each 10 cars long. The west platform, adjacent to Track 1, is generally used by southbound or inbound trains. The east platform, adjacent to Track 2, is generally used by northbound or Oyster Bay-bound trains. The Oyster Bay Branch has two tracks at this location.

[edit] MTA Long Island Bus ConnectionsEdit

  • N22A: Jamaica-Hicksville.
  • N27: Hempstead-Glen Cove.