Fresh Pond (formerly known as Bushwick Junction) was a train station along the Montauk Branch that runs from Long Island City, Queens to Jamaica, Queens, in the state of New York. The station opened around June 1869, however in either 1882 or 1883 it was renamed Bushwick Junction for the connection to the Bushwick Branch. The station was rebuilt in April 1895, and closed again in 1915 as part of a grade elimination project. Though the third station was opened the same year with platforms and pedestrian bridges, the former station house still remained intact well into 1923. For the next four years, both the original name and new name would be on the LIRR timetables until it went back to strictly being named Fresh Pond in 1919.[1] Fresh Pond Station closed on March 16, 1998, along with Penny Bridge, Haberman, Glendale and Richmond Hill Stations.[2]