Gibson is a station on the Long Island Rail Road's Far Rockaway Branch in the Gibson section of Valley Stream, in Nassau County, New York, United States. The station is located at Gibson Boulevard and Munro Boulevard, South of Sunrise Highway, and is 18.6 miles (29.9 km) from Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan. Built in May 1928, it's the newest station along the entire Far Rockaway Branch.

The residential area surrounding the train station divides the Valley Stream and Hewlett-Woodmere School districts. Those residing North of Munro Blvd and Dubois Ave are apart of the Valley Stream public education system, while those residing south of Munro and Dubois live in the greater part of the 5 towns and are apart of the Hewlett-Woodmere public education system. This southern area of Valley Stream has become known as Hewlett Heights.

Platform and track configurationEdit

This station has two high-level side platforms each 10 cars long. The east platform, adjacent to Track 1, is generally used by northbound or inbound trains. The west platform, adjacent to Track 2, is generally used by southbound or Far Rockaway-bound trains. The Far Rockaway Branch has two tracks at this location.

MTA Long Island Bus ConnectionsEdit

  • N1: Hewlett-Elmont or Jamaica.