Hempstead Station is a Long Island Rail Road train station in the village of Hempstead, New York. Located at West Columbia Street between Main Street and Morrell Street, it is the eastern terminus of the Hempstead Branch.


[hide]*1 History

[edit] HistoryEdit

Hempstead Station was originally built as a Central Railroad of Long Island depot sometime between October and December 1872, on the corner of Main Street and Fulton Avenue. When the Long Island Rail Road acquired the CRRLI in 1878, this Hempstead Station and terminus came with it, replacing the former 1839-built Hempstead Station, which ran along the original Hempstead Branch.

The station was remodeled in July 1881, and razed in 1913. A second brick station was built in February 1913. Between December 30, 1941 and 1943, service was supended when the tracks were cut back and the station was moved to Columbia Street. A temporary station was installed 1,265 feet west of its former location until work on this project was finished. Upon the completion of this move and track work, the second station was opened again. However it was gutted in a fire on December 31, 1962 and remodeled in April 1963. This station was razed in 1998 and replaced with a much more elaborate third depot which was built between 1999 and 2002.

[edit] Platform and track configurationEdit

This station has two high-level island platforms each eight cars long. The east platform is adjacent to Tracks 5 and 6, and the west platform is adjacent to Tracks 7 and 8.

The Hempstead Branch has eight tracks at this location. The four tracks to the east of the platforms but not adjacent to them are used for train storage.

[edit] Rosa Parks Hempstead Transit CenterEdit

Main article: Rosa Parks Hempstead Transit Center

[1][2]The transit center, across from the station.The Rosa Parks Hempstead Transit Center (formerly the Hempstead Transit Center)[1], across West Columbia Street, provides connections to many MTA Long Island Bus lines. The following bus routes terminate or stop at the transit center:

[edit] MTA Long Island Bus ConnectionsEdit

Behind the Hempstead Transit Center is Jackson Street, where Hempstead's nearby Greyhound Bus Terminal is located. This terminal serves not only Greyhound buses, but Trailways Adirondack and Pine Hill branches, ShortLine buses, and Greyhound affiliated Vermont Transit.

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