Holtsville was a station stop on the Greenport Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. It was located off of Waverly Avenue between Long Island Avenue and Furrows Road in Holtsville, New York.

[edit] HistoryEdit

The station first opened in a local store as Waverly around 1843. Although the surrounding area was renamed Holtsville in 1860 when a post office opened, the station retained the name "Waverly" until the 1890s, when farmers complained about their shipments going to an upstate town named Waverly by mistake.[1][2]. Holtsville Station was rebuilt on May 13, 1912.[3], only to be burned in another fire on January 4, 1914 and replaced again later the same year[4] South of the station was the northern terminus of the Suffolk Traction Company's main trolley line, which was proposed to be extended to Port Jefferson, New York, across a bridge over the tracks before the company went bankrupt in 1919. In 1958, the station building was torn down, and after being razed in June 1962, Holtsville Station existed only as a platform along the tracks. Holtsville Station, along with a handful of others, was closed on March 16, 1998 due to low usage.[5]