The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is a commuter railway system serving all four counties of Long Island, with one station in the Manhattan borough of New York City in the U.S. state of New York. Its operator is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York. Serving 301,763 passengers per day as of 2007[1] and 88.5 million riders for the year of 2008,[2] it is the busiest commuter railroad in the United States. The 594-mile (956 km)[1] system spans both ends of Long Island, from Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to the west, to Montauk station at the tip of the southern fork to the east. Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan is the actual westernmost station of the Long Island Rail Road and is also its busiest station.

The system currently has 124 stations on eleven rail lines called "branches".[1] (Not included in this count are two additional stations that serve employees of the LIRR: Hillside Facility and Boland's Landing.) Two stations are open seasonally: Belmont Park and Mets–Willets Point; in addition, the Pinelawn station exclusively serves cemeteries in its area and is thus served during daytime hours. Hunterspoint Avenue and Long Island City are open only on weekdays. The six stations on the Greenport Branch are provided limited service. Jamaica is a major transfer station between branches, as it provides the interchange from the eastern Long Island stations to the western New York terminals and vice versa. Other inter-branch transfer stations include Woodside, Mineola, Hicksville, Valley Stream, Lynbrook and Babylon. The Huntington, Ronkonkoma and Babylon stations provide transfers between electric-train service and diesel-train service within their respective branches, the Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma/Greenport and Babylon/Montauk branches.


[hide]*1 Lines

[edit] LinesEdit

Jamaica and the two employees-only stations are not included in the station counts for lines below.

Line Stations Termini[3]
City Terminal Zone 9 Penn Station, Long Island City, Hunterspoint Avenue, Atlantic Terminal
Port Washington Branch 13[4] Great Neck, Port Washington
Hempstead Branch 9 Hempstead
Oyster Bay Branch 11[5] Oyster Bay
Port Jefferson Branch 16 Hicksville, Huntington, Port Jefferson
Ronkonkoma Branch 16[6] Ronkonkoma, Greenport
Belmont Park Branch 1 Belmont Park
Far Rockaway Branch 11 Far Rockaway
West Hempstead Branch 7[7] West Hempstead
Long Beach Branch 7[7] Long Beach
Babylon Branch 14[8] Babylon
Montauk Branch 17[9] Patchogue, Speonk, Montauk

[edit] Station TypesEdit

The Long Island Rail Road utilizes different types of stations. Most stations are about "12 car lengths" (which means that they can fit 12 M1, M3, M7 cars (the electric trains that are primarily used), but there are a few that are shorter. The shorter stations are more common as you move east.

There are 4 main types of station construction:

  • Underground-Stations completely enclosed beneath buildings (only some western terminals)
  • Grade-level-Stations that are at ground height (most common)
  • Elevated-Stations that are above ground height (less common, primarily used on the entire Babylon Branch)
  • Open-cut-Stations that are below ground level, yet are not enclosed at the top, left open. (Only a few stations on the Port Washington Branch use this type of construction).

[edit] Historical preservation of stationsEdit

Five LIRR stations are listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Sea Cliff, Oyster Bay, Farmingdale, Greenport and East Hampton. Southampton Station is a contributing property to a historic district on the NRHP. Other stations that aren't on the list are often cherished by local communities and treated as landmarks, such as Islip, Northport, Glen Street, and Great Neck. Roslyn, Glen Cove, and Locust Valley are other stations on the Oyster Bay Branch that are historic. Efforts to save the original East Williston station house in 2004 proved to be disappointing when the structure was found to be too unstable, while the demolition of Amagansett's in 1965 brought public outcry throughout the Hamptons as well as among local railfans that has lasted for decades.

The St. James station house, built in 1873, is the oldest such building constructed by the LIRR that remains standing. Hewlett's station house is older, but it was originally built by the South Side Railroad of Long Island in 1870. On the West Hempstead Branch, Malverne's station house is the only one originally built during the first two decades of the 20th Century, although it is not recognized an a historic landmark. The elaborate Forest Hills station house was one of the few to avoid modernization during the mid-to-late 20th Century and has retained the original grand decorative construction. When the Babylon Branch was elevated in the post-WW II era, former station houses in Wantagh and Lindenhurst were moved away from the tracks. The former Wantagh station was transfromed into a museum, and also listed on the NRHP.

[edit] List of stationsEdit

This list contains all stations currently open on the Long Island Rail Road (including seasonal-use stations).

[1] Station is accessible by wheelchair[10]
[2]Station meets all ADA accessibility requirements[10]
Name[3] Line[4] Borough or county[5] Opened[6] Closed[7] [8]


Other names[10]
Albertson Oyster Bay Branch Nassau 1875


present [11]
Amagansett Montauk Branch Suffolk 1895 present [12]
Amityville Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Suffolk 1867 present
Atlantic Terminal Atlantic Branch (City Terminal Zone) Brooklyn 1877 present [13]Brooklyn

Flatbush Avenue (former name)

Auburndale Port Washington Branch Queens 1901 present [14]
Babylon Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Suffolk 1867 present [15]Seaside (July 1868 – 1869)
Baldwin Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Nassau 1867 present [16] Baldwinsville


Bay Shore Montauk Branch Suffolk 1868 present [17] Pentaquit(1868)


Bayside Port Washington Branch Queens 1866 present [18] Bay Side
Bellerose Hempstead Branch Nassau 1898 present
Bellmore Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Nassau 1870 present [19]
Bellport Montauk Branch Suffolk 1882 present [20]
Belmont Park Belmont Park Branch Queens 1905




Bethpage Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Nassau 1854 [21] Jerusalem Station (1854-1936)

Central Park (1867-1936)

Boland's Landing Atlantic Branch Queens
Brentwood Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1870

1903 1987


1987 present

Bridgehampton Montauk Branch Suffolk 1870 present [23]
Broadway Port Washington Branch Queens 1866 present [24]
Carle Place Main Line (Port Jefferson Branch) Nassau 1842 Present [25] Carll Place
Cedarhurst Far Rockaway Branch Nassau 1869




Central Islip Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1873

1958 1987


1987 present

Centre Avenue Long Beach Branch Nassau 1898 present [28]
Cold Spring Harbor Port Jefferson Branch Suffolk 1875

1902 1948


1948 present

Copiague Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Suffolk 1902


Country Life Press Hempstead Branch Nassau 1911 present [30]
Deer Park Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1842

1936 1987


1987 present

Douglaston Port Washington Branch Queens 1866 present [32] Little Neck (1866-1870)
East Hampton Montauk Branch Suffolk 1895 present [33]
East New York Atlantic Branch (City Terminal Zone) Brooklyn 1878 present
East Rockaway Long Beach Branch Nassau 1880 present [34]
East Williston Oyster Bay Branch Nassau 1880 present [35]
Far Rockaway Far Rockaway Branch Queens 1869 present [36]
Farmingdale Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Nassau 1842 present [37]
Floral Park Main Line (Port Jefferson Branch) and Hempstead Branch Nassau 1878 present Stewart Junction (1878-1879)

Hinsdale (1879-1887) East Hinsdale (1887-1890)

Flushing Main Street Port Washington Branch Queens 1854 present
Forest Hills Main Line (City Terminal Zone) Queens 1906 present [38]
Freeport Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Nassau 1867 present [39]
Garden City Hempstead Branch Nassau 1873 present [40]
Gibson Far Rockaway Branch Nassau 1928 present [41]
Glen Cove Oyster Bay Branch Nassau 1895 present [42]
Glen Head Oyster Bay Branch Nassau 1865 present [43]
Glen Street Oyster Bay Branch Nassau 1867 present [44]
Great Neck Port Washington Branch Nassau 1866 present [45]Brookdale(1869-1872)
Great River Montauk Branch Suffolk 1897 present [46]
Greenlawn Port Jefferson Branch Suffolk 1870


present [47]
Greenport Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1844




Greenvale Oyster Bay Branch Nassau [49]
Hampton Bays Montauk Branch Suffolk 1871 present [50] Good Ground (1869-1922)
Hempstead Hempstead Branch Nassau 1873 present [51]
Hempstead Gardens West Hempstead Branch Nassau [52]
Hewlett Far Rockaway Branch Nassau 1869 present [53] Cedar Grove (July-October 1869)

Hewletts (1869-?)

Hicksville Main Line Nassau 1837 present [54]
Hillside Facility Main Line Queens
Hollis Main Line (Hempstead Branch) Queens 1885


Hunterspoint Avenue Main Line (City Terminal Zone) Queens
Huntington Port Jefferson Branch Suffolk 1867


present [55]
Inwood Far Rockaway Branch Nassau 1911? [56]
Island Park Long Beach Branch Nassau 1898


present [57] The Dykes
Islip Montauk Branch Suffolk 1868 present [58]
Jamaica Main Line, Montauk Branch, and Atlantic Branch (City Terminal Zone) Queens 1836




Kew Gardens Main Line (City Terminal Zone) Queens 1910 present Kew(1910-1912)
Kings Park Port Jefferson Branch Suffolk 1872

1891 1948

present [60] St. Johnsland(1872-1891)
Lakeview West Hempstead Branch Nassau [61]
Laurelton Atlantic Branch (Far Rockaway Branch) Queens 1907 present
Lawrence Far Rockaway Branch Nassau 1869 present [62]
Lindenhurst Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Suffolk 1868 present Wellwood


Little Neck Port Washington Branch Queens 1870 present [63]
Locust Manor Atlantic Branch (Far Rockaway Branch) Queens 1869 1876


Locust Avenue
Locust Valley Oyster Bay Branch Nassau 1869 present [64]
Long Beach Long Beach Branch Nassau 1880




Long Island City Main Line and Montauk Branch (City Terminal Zone) Queens 1854 present [66]
Lynbrook Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) and Long Beach Branch Nassau 1867 present [67]
Malverne West Hempstead Branch Nassau 1913 present [68]
Manhasset Port Washington Branch Nassau 1899


present [69]
Massapequa Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Nassau 1867 present [70]
Massapequa Park Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Nassau 1933 present
Mastic–Shirley Montauk Branch Suffolk 1960 present [71]
Mattituck Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1845 present [72]
Medford Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1844 present [73]
Merillon Avenue Main Line (Port Jefferson Branch) Nassau 1912


present [74] Clowesville, Garden City
Merrick Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Nassau 1867 present [75]
Mets–Willets Point Port Washington Branch Queens 1939

1946 1961



Mineola Main Line Nassau 1837 present [76]Branch (1837-?)

Hempstead Branch

Montauk Montauk Branch Suffolk 1907 present [77]
Murray Hill Port Washington Branch Queens 1889 or 1890 present
Nassau Boulevard Hempstead Branch Nassau 1907 present [78]
New Hyde Park Main Line (Port Jefferson Branch) Nassau 1870 present [79] Hyde Park
Northport Port Jefferson Branch Suffolk 1873 present [80]
Nostrand Avenue Atlantic Branch (City Terminal Zone) Brooklyn 1877


Oakdale Montauk Branch Suffolk 1868 present [81]
Oceanside Long Beach Branch Nassau 1897 present [82]
Oyster Bay Oyster Bay Branch Nassau 1889 present [83]
Patchogue Montauk Branch Suffolk 1869

1888 1963

present [84]
Penn Station Main Line (City Terminal Zone) Manhattan [85]
Pinelawn Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1895 present [86] Melville (1895-1897)

Pinelawn (Melville) (1897-1899) Pinelawn Cemetery (1904-?)

Plandome Port Washington Branch Nassau 1909 present [87]
Port Jefferson Port Jefferson Branch Suffolk 1873 present [88]
Port Washington Port Washington Branch Nassau 1898 present [89]
Queens Village Main Line (Hempstead Branch) Queens 1881 present Queens
Riverhead Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1870


present [90]
Rockville Centre Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Nassau 1867 present [91]
Ronkonkoma Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1883

1934 1987


1987 present

[92]Lake Ronkonkoma
Rosedale Atlantic Branch (Far Rockaway Branch) Queens 1870 present [93] Foster's Meadow (1870-1892)
Roslyn Oyster Bay Branch Nassau 1865 present [94]
Saint Albans Montauk Branch (West Hempstead Branch) Queens 1898


present Locust Avenue
Saint James Port Jefferson Branch Suffolk 1873 present [95]
Sayville Montauk Branch Suffolk 1868


present [96]
Sea Cliff Oyster Bay Branch Nassau 1867


present [97]
Seaford Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Nassau 1899 1968
Smithtown Port Jefferson Branch Suffolk 1872


present [98]
Southampton Montauk Branch Suffolk 1871 present [99]
Southold Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1845 present [100]
Speonk Montauk Branch Suffolk 1870 present [101] Remsenberg
Stewart Manor Hempstead Branch Nassau 1873

1878 1909?


1879 present

[102] Hyde Park [Central]
Stony Brook Port Jefferson Branch Suffolk 1873 or 1888 [103]
Syosset Port Jefferson Branch Nassau 1854 present [104]
Valley Stream Atlantic Branch (Far Rockaway Branch), Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch), and West Hempstead Branch Nassau 1869 present [105]
Wantagh Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch) Nassau 1867 present
Westbury Main Line (Port Jefferson Branch) Nassau 1837 Present. [106]
Westhampton Montauk Branch Suffolk 1870


present [107]
West Hempstead West Hempstead Branch Nassau 1928




Westwood West Hempstead Branch Nassau 1929


present [109]
Woodmere Far Rockaway Branch Nassau 1869 present [110] Wood's


Woodside Main Line (City Terminal Zone) Queens 1869 present [111]
Wyandanch Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1875

1958 1987


1987 present

Yaphank Main Line (Ronkonkoma Branch) Suffolk 1844 present [113] Milleville (1845-1846)


[edit] Disused and former stationsEdit

These stations are either demolished or existing but not currently in use by the Long Island Rail Road. Several stations of the Rockaway Beach Branch and Far Rockaway Branch were taken over by the New York City Subway as the IND Rockaway Line in 1956.

Name[114] Line[115] Opened[116] Closed[117] [118]


A&P Bronze, earlier A&P Central Extension 1928 1953
Adamsville Atlantic Branch 1872 1876
Albany Avenue Atlantic Branch 1877? 1951
Aquebogue Main Line 1892 1967?
Aqueduct Rockaway Beach Branch 1883 1955
Arverne Far Rockaway Branch 1888 1955
Atlantic Avenue Long Beach Branch ???? 1951
Atlantic Park Far Rockaway Branch 1875 1887?
Autumn Avenue Atlantic Branch 1905 1939
Babylon Central Extension 1873 1874
Baiting Hollow Main Line see Calverton
Bartlett Montauk Branch 1924 1928
Bayport Montauk Branch 1868 1980
Bay Ridge Bay Ridge Branch 1870's 1904
Bayville Oyster Bay Branch 1889 1892
Beach House, earlier Beach Far Rockaway Branch see South Side Pavilion
Beaver Street, merged with Jamaica Atlantic Branch 1867 1913
Bedford Atlantic Branch 1878 1905
Bellaire Main Line 1900 1972
Belmont Junction Central Extension and Montauk Branch 1875? 1876?
Berlin Switch, earlier Berlin Atlantic Branch 1869


Bethpage Bethpage Branch 1874 1942
Bethpage Junction Central Extension 1873 1877
Bluepoint, earlier Blue Point Montauk Branch 1870




Breslau Central Extension 1873 1875
Bridgeport Southern Hempstead Branch 1870 1879
Bridge Street Whitestone Branch 1869 1932
Broad Channel Rockaway Beach Branch 1900 1950
Brookhaven Montauk Branch 1884




Brooklyn Hills Rockaway Beach Branch 1882 1911
Brooklyn Manor Rockaway Beach Branch 1911 1962
Brushville Main Line 1837 1871
Bushwick Bushwick Branch 1868? 1924
Bushwick Junction Montauk Branch see Fresh Pond
Calverton Main Line 1880 1958
Camp Black Central Extension 1896 ????
Camp Upton Main Line 1917




Canal Street Main Line 1890 1899
Canoe Place Montauk Branch 1939 1953
Carman's River Main Line 1844 ????
Cedar Manor Atlantic Branch 1906 1959
Center Moriches, earlier Moriches Montauk Branch 1881 1988
Central Islip State Hospital Main Line 1911? 1971
Central Junction Creedmoor Branch 1873 1879
Central Park Central Extension 1873 1876
Clarenceville Atlantic Branch 1905? 1939
Clarenceville Montauk Branch see Richmond Hill
Clinton Road Central Extension 1915 1953
Club House Montauk Branch 1870 1897
College Point Whitestone Branch 1869 1932
Cooper Avenue Evergreen Branch 1883 1894
Corona Port Washington Branch 1854 1964
Creedmoor Creedmoor Branch 1873 1879
Cutchogue Main Line 1845 1962?
Cypress Avenue, earlier Ridgewood Bay Ridge Branch 1883 1924
DeKalb Avenue Evergreen Branch 1878 1894
Dunton Atlantic Branch 1868 1939
East Moriches Montauk Branch 1897 1958
East Patchogue Montauk Branch 1890 1928
Eastport Montauk Branch 1881 1958
Edgemere Far Rockaway Branch
Edgewood Main Line c1890's 1914
Eldert's Grove Far Rockaway Branch 1872 1887?
Elmhurst Port Washington Branch 1854? 1984
Fanny Bartlett Montauk Branch see Bartlett
Farmingdale Central Extension 1873 1876
Fashion Race Course Port Washington Branch see Corona
Fifth Avenue Evergreen Branch
Fire Place Main Line 1844 ????
Flowerfield Wading River Branch 1910 1958
Flushing Bridge Street Whitestone Branch see Bridge Street
Ford's Corners Bay Ridge Branch see Rugby
Forge Montauk Branch see Mastic
Frank Avenue Far Rockaway Branch 1922 1955
Frankiston Creedmoor Branch 1873 1879
Franklin Avenue Atlantic Branch see Bedford
Fresh Pond Montauk Branch 1869 1998
Fulton Street Bay Ridge Branch
Gaston Avenue Far Rockaway Branch see Arverne
General Bronze Central Extension see A&P Bronze
Glendale Montauk Branch 1869 1998
Golf Grounds Montauk Branch 1907 1939
Goose Creek Rockaway Beach Branch 1888 1935
Grand Street Main Line 1913 1925
Grand Street Evergreen Branch 1868 1885
Greenpoint Evergreen Branch 1878 1885
Grinnell Woodside Branch 1874 1877
Grumman Main Line 1942 1970's
Haberman Montauk Branch 1910 1998
Hagerman Montauk Branch
Hamilton Beach Rockaway Beach Branch 1919 1955
Hammels, earlier Hammel Rockaway Beach Branch 1899 1905
Hebbard's Montauk Branch 1870 1870
Hempstead old Hempstead Branch
Hempstead Southern Hempstead Branch 1870 1879
Hermitage Main Line see Peconic
Higbie Avenue, earlier Springfield Atlantic Branch 1908 1960
Hillside Main Line 1890 1966
Hillside Creedmoor Branch 1874 1879
Hinsdale Creedmoor Branch 1873 1879
Holbrook Main Line 1907 1962?
Holland, earlier Hollands Rockaway Beach Branch 1880 1955
Holland's Far Rockaway Branch 1872 1887?
Holtsville Main Line 1843 1998
Hopedale Main Line
Howard Beach Rockaway Beach Branch ???? 1955
Howard House Atlantic Branch 1843 1905
Hulse Turnout Main Line
Humboldt Street Evergreen Branch
Hunter's Point Port Washington Branch 1854

1869 1878



Interstate Park Main Line see Bellaire
Island Trees Central Extension 1873 1876
Islip Centre Montauk Branch
Jamaica Racetrack Atlantic Branch see Locust Manor
Jamesport Main Line 1845 c. 1963
Jekyl Island, earlier Barnum Island Long Beach Branch 1901 1922
Kings Highway Manhattan Beach Branch 1883 1924
Kings Park State Hospital Port Jefferson Branch 1911? 1970
Kissena Park, earlier Kissena Creedmoor Branch 1873




Kouwenhoven Bay Ridge Branch 1877 1924
Lakeland, earlier Lake Road Main Line 1843 1883
Landia Port Jefferson Branch 1952 1973
Lang's Corner Sag Harbor Branch see Noyack Road
Laurel Main Line 1901 1967
Laurel Hill Montauk Branch ca. 1891 1900
Lefferts Avenue Atlantic Branch
Linwood Street Atlantic Branch
Long Island Rail Road Crossing Central Extension 1875 1875
Malba Whitestone Branch 1908 1932
Manhattan Beach Manhattan Beach Branch 1909 1924
Manhattan Crossing Atlantic Branch
Manorville, earlier Manor Main Line 1845

1871 1941


1941 1968

Maple Grove Main Line 1879




Maspeth Montauk Branch
Maspeth Port Washington Branch 1855 ca. 1858
Mastic Montauk Branch 1882 1960
Matawok Rockaway Beach Branch 1922 1925
Meadowbrook Central Extension 1873 1876
Metropolitan Avenue Bushwick Branch
Miller's Place, earlier Miller Place Wading River Branch 1898 1938
Mill Neck Oyster Bay Branch 1892

1912 1919


1918 1998

Mitchell Field, earlier Mitchel Field Central Extension ???? 1953
Moriches Sag Harbor Branch see Eastport
Morris Park, earlier Morris Grove Atlantic Branch
Myrtle Avenue Bay Ridge Branch
Myrtle Avenue Evergreen Branch
Napeague Beach Montauk Branch 1895 1927
National Rifle Range Creedmoor Branch see Creedmoor
Neck Road Bay Ridge Branch
Neptune House Far Rockaway Branch 1875 1887?
New Bridge Road Central Extension 1874 1876
New Brooklyn Atlantic Branch
Newsday Central Extension 1949 1953
Newtown Port Washington Branch see Elmhurst
New York Avenue Main Line 1890 1905
Northport Village Northport Branch 1868 1899
North Roslyn Oyster Bay Branch 1898 1924
Norwood Southern Hempstead Branch 1870 1879
Norwood Avenue Atlantic Branch
Noyack Road Sag Harbor Branch 1906 1939
Ocean Avenue Bay Ridge Branch
Ocean Point Far Rockaway Branch see Cedarhurst
Old Northport Northport Branch see Northport Village
Ozone Park Rockaway Beach Branch 1884 1962
Parkside Rockaway Beach Branch
Parkville Manhattan Beach Branch
Pearsall's, earlier Pearsall's Corners Montauk Branch see Lynbrook
Peconic Main Line 1844 or 1848 c. 1970
Penataquit Montauk Branch see Bay Shore
Penny Bridge Montauk Branch 1854? 1869


Pilgrim State Hospital Main Line 1929? 1978
Pineaire, merged with Deer Park Main Line 1915 1986
Playland Rockaway Beach Branch 1903 1955
Promised Land Montauk Branch 1924 1938
Queenswater Long Beach Branch ???? 1936
Quogue Montauk Branch 1875 1998
Railroad Avenue Atlantic Branch see Autumn Avenue
Ralph Avenue Atlantic Branch
Ramblersville Rockaway Beach Branch see Howard Beach
The Raunt Rockaway Beach Branch 1888 1950
Rego Park Main Line
Republic Main Line 1940 1987?
Richmond Hill Montauk Branch 1868 1998
Ridgewood Montauk Branch
Ridgewood Montauk Branch see Wantagh
Ridgewood Evergreen Branch see DeKalb Avenue
Rochester Avenue Atlantic Branch
Rockaway Avenue Atlantic Branch
Rockaway Junction Main Line and Montauk Branch (West Hempstead Branch) see Hillside
Rockaway Park earlier Rockaway Beach Rockaway Beach Branch 1882 1955
Rocky Point Wading River Branch 1895 1938
Roosevelt Raceway Central Extension
Roosevelt Street Bushwick Branch
Rugby Bay Ridge Branch
Sag Harbor Sag Harbor Branch 1871 1939
Saint George's Manor Main Line see Manorville
Salisbury Plains Central Extension
Schenectady Avenue Atlantic Branch
Sea Side House Far Rockaway Branch 1872 1887?
Seaside Montauk Branch see Babylon
Seaside Rockaway Beach Branch 1880 1955
Setauket Port Jefferson Branch 1877

or 1883

Shea Stadium Port Washington Branch see Mets–Willets Point
Sheepshead Bay Manhattan Beach Branch
Shinnecock Hills Montauk Branch 1887 1932
Shops Montauk Branch
Shoreham Wading River Branch 1895 1938
Southampton College, earlier Southampton Campus Montauk Branch 1976 1998
South Eighth Street Bushwick Branch 1868 1876
South Farmingdale Central Branch 1974
South Greenfield Manhattan Beach Branch
South Lynbrook Long Beach Branch see Centre Avenue
South Oyster Bay Montauk Branch see Massapequa
South Side Pavilion Far Rockaway Branch 1870 1876?
South Side Railroad Crossing Bushwick Branch and Evergreen Branch 1878 1890
South Side Railroad Crossing Atlantic Branch see Berlin Switch
South Street Atlantic Branch
Springfield Atlantic Branch 1867 1876


Springfield Gardens, earlier Springfield Montauk Branch 1870's 1979
Steeplechase Rockaway Beach Branch see Playland
Stewart Avenue West Hempstead Branch 1923 1926
Stewart Junction Main Line see Floral Park
Straiton Avenue a.k.a.; Arverne-Straiton Avenue Far Rockaway Branch 1892 1955
Suffolk Main Line 1842 1873
Suffolk Downs Montauk Branch 1907 1927
Thompson's Main Line 1842 1869
Troy Avenue Atlantic Branch
Union Course Atlantic Branch 1905 1939
Union Hall Street Main Line 1913 1976
United Nations Port Washington Branch see Mets–Willets Point
Unqua Montauk Branch 1880 1893
Upton Road Main Line 1918 1922
Utica Avenue Atlantic Branch
Vanderbilt Avenue Atlantic Branch
Vanderveer Park Bay Ridge Branch 1878 1924
Van Wicklens Atlantic Branch
Van Wyck Avenue Atlantic Branch see Berlin Switch
Wading River Wading River Branch 1895 1938
Wainscott Montauk Branch 1897 1936
Wampmissick Main Line By 1852 Unknown
Wardenclyffe Wading River Branch see Shoreham
Warwick Street Atlantic Branch 1905 1939
Washington Avenue Atlantic Branch
Washington Street Central Extension
Watermill Montauk Branch 1875 1940's
Wavecrest Far Rockaway Branch 1928 1955
Waverly Main Line see Holtsville
Wellwood Montauk Branch see Lindenhurst
Westbridge, earlier High Bridge Main Line 1916 1939
West Deer Park Main Line see Wyandanch
West Flushing Port Washington Branch 1854
West Flushing Port Washington Branch see Corona
Wheatley Hills Oyster Bay Branch see North Roslyn
Whitestone Whitestone Branch 1869 1932
Whitestone Landing Whitestone Branch 1886 1932
Willow Tree Main Line c. 1837 ????
Winfield Port Washington Branch 1854 1929
Woodbury Port Jefferson Branch see Cold Spring Harbor
Woodfield Southern Hempstead Branch
Woodhaven, earlier Woodville Atlantic Branch 1848 1939
Woodhaven Junction Atlantic Branch and Rockaway Beach Branch 1895 1977
World's Fair Port Washington Branch see Mets–Willets Point
Wreck Lead Long Beach Branch ???? 1927

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