Queens Village is a station on the Main Line of the Long Island Rail Road, located between 218th Street and Springfield Boulevard in Queens Village, Queens, New York City. It has two side platforms along the four-track line, and only serves Hempstead Branch trains. The two-story station house is located along Platform A, for Jamaica and Manhattan bound commuters. A storage track exists behind Platform B for Hempstead bound commuters. To the east of the station is Queens Interlocking, a universal interlocking that splits the four-track line into two two-track lines — the Main Line and Hempstead Branch — and controls the junction with the spur to Belmont Park.


[hide]*1 Platform and track configuration

[edit] Platform and track configurationEdit

This station has two high-level side platforms each eight cars long. The northern platform, adjacent to Track 3, is generally used by westbound or New York City-bound trains. The southern platform, adjacent to Track 4, is generally used by eastbound trains.

The Main Line has four tracks at this location. The two middle tracks, not adjacent to either platform, are used only by through trains.

[edit] Bus ConnectionsEdit


MTA Long Island Bus

  • N24: Jamaica-Roosevelt Field or East Meadow.