The Ronkonkoma Branch (a.k.a. the Greenport Branch east of Ronkonkoma) is a rail service operated by the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) in the U.S. state of New York. LIRR maps and printed schedules show the Ronkonkoma Branch extending along the railroad's Main Line from Hicksville (where the Port Jefferson Branch leaves the Main Line) east to the line's terminus at Greenport.[1] However, the railroad's online schedules indicate that the Ronkonkoma Branch travels only between Hicksville and Ronkonkoma,[2] while the Greenport Branch connects Ronkonkoma to Greenport.[3] East of Bethpage, the Central Branch splits from the Main Line and travels south, taking several trains between the Main Line and the Montauk Branch at Babylon.

Electrified service, which was extended from Hicksville to Ronkonkoma in 1987,[4] ends at the enormous Ronkonkoma station. Two connecting Greenport Branch diesel-electric trains travel daily between Ronkonkoma and Greenport. Two additional diesel-electric trains serve some intermediate Greenport Branch stations in each direction on weekdays, but do not serve Greenport itself.

As part of the capital plan they are thinking of constructing a full second electrified track from Farmingdale to Ronkonkoma to ease congestion at Deer Park, Brentwood, and Central Islip. A rumor says they may electrify further east due to plans to construct a new electrified yard in Yaphank and could go all the way to Riverhead.

The LIRR has tried to discontinue service east of Ronkonkoma on several occasions, citing minimal service (three trains daily) due to low ridership. New York State has declined this request each time, as Long Island's population continues to grow eastward. As a result of financial difficulties, the very same idea is now being considered once more by the LIRR. Summer weekend service would be retained under the plan.[5]

Service on this branch stops at Mineola during the weekdays only.

[edit] StationsEdit





Miles (kilometers)

to Penn Station

For continuing service to Jamaica and points west, see Port Jefferson Branch
Hicksville [1]

Newbridge Road (Route 106) and West Barclay Street, Hicksville

[1] 26.8 (43.1) Transfer to Port Jefferson Branch trains

Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N20, N22, N48, N49, N50, N73, N74, N78, N79, N80, N81, N87(Summer only Jones Beach service), N94



closed in the 1970s (date unconfirmed)
Bethpage [2]

Stewart Avenue and Jackson Avenue, Bethpage

[2] 29.9 Central Branch splits east of here

Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N81

Farmingdale [3]

Off Secatogue Avenue, on Front Street and Atlantic Avenue, Farmingdale

[3] 32.2 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N70, N72, N95


closed 1987
Pinelawn [4]

Wellwood Avenue and Long Island Avenue, Pinelawn Memorial Park

[4] 34.4 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S31
Wyandanch [5]

Straight Path and Long Island Avenue, Wyandanch

[5] 36.6 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S23, S33, 2A, 2B
Deer Park [6]

Pine Aire Drive and Long Island Avenue, Deer Park

[6] 38.4 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S27

Deer Park

closed October, 1986
Brentwood [7]

Brentwood Road and Suffolk Avenue, Brentwood

[7] 42.8 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S27, S41, S45, 3A, 3B, 3D
Central Islip [8]

Lowell Avenue and Suffolk Avenue, Central Islip

[8] 45.3 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S42, S45, 3C, 3D
Ronkonkoma [9]

Hawkins Avenue and Johnson Avenue, Ronkonkoma

[9] 50.3 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S57, S59, 6A, 7A

Shuttle van to Long Island MacArthur Airport

Electrification ends at Ronkonkoma Station. Line continues east as the Greenport Branch.


closed June 1962 (date unconfirmed)


closed March 16, 1998
Medford [10]

Medford Avenue (New York State Route 112) and Long Island Avenue, Medford

[10] 56.1 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S61
Yaphank [11]

Yaphank Avenue and Park Street, Yaphank

[11] 60.6 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S71


closed 1968


The station closed c. 1958 A spur to the Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant used by Grumman closed in the early 1990s. In February 2010 plans were announced to reactivate the spur in a $3.5 million rehabilitation for freight trains of the New York & Atlantic Railway to serve an industrial park at the airport. Funds come from the federal stimulus funding. The spur parallels Connecticut Avenue to the airpot.[6][7]
Riverhead [12]

Osborne Avenue and Railroad Street, Riverhead

[12] 75.3 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S58, S62, S90, S92, 8A


closed 1967(date unconfirmed)


closed in the Summer of 1963 (date unconfirmed)




closed 1967
Mattituck [13]

Love Lane and Pike Street, Mattituck

[14] 84.4 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S92


closed 1962


closed 1970
Southold [14]

Youngs Avenue and Traveler Street, Southold

[15] 92.1 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S92
Greenport [15]

Wiggins Street and 4th Street, Greenport

[16] 96.3 Bus (Suffolk County Transit): S92

Ferry to Shelter Island Ferry to New London, Connecticut

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