Winfield Junction is a junction between the Main Line and Port Washington Branch of the Long Island Rail Road in the Woodside, Queens section of Queens, New York City. It also contained a railroad station, which was known simply as Winfield.

[edit] HistoryEdit

Winfield station was originally opened in July 1854 by the New York and Flushing Railroad on the southeast corner of 50th Avenue and 69th Street.[1] The junction's location was set the same year, when the NY&F's Main Line (now the Port Washington Branch) was built, crossing the LIRR's Main Line. By 1868 NY&F was consolidated by the Flushing and North Side Railroad, and the section west of Winfield was sold to the South Side Railroad of Long Island in 1869. This segment was abandoned in 1875. After further acquision by the Flushing, North Shore, and Central Railroad in 1874, and then the Long Island Rail Road in 1876, the station was later moved to the junction in August 1876 where it also served the Main Line. A second station was built at some point, which was razed in 1915, and replaced with a third station the same year. Plans to close the station can be traced as far back as 1910,[2] but the station was closed and then razed in 1929, making Woodside Station the transfer point between Main Line and Port Washington Branch trains, but continues to operate as a junction to this day.

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