Not to be confused with Woodhaven Junction (LIRR station), also on the Atlantic Branch.Woodhaven is a former railroad and trolley station on the Atlantic Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. Though it was also on one of the same lines as Woodhaven Junction (LIRR station) the two stations were distinguished from one another. Woodhaven was located on Atlantic Avenue, east of 87th Street.

Originally known as Woodville Station, it was originally built in 1848 by the Brooklyn and Jamaica Railroad. Sometime in or around 1874 the station was renamed Woodhaven. The station was re-opened as an Atlantic Avenue Rapid Transit station on April 28, 1905 with the electrification from Flatbush Avenue.[1] In 1911 the platforms were widened. With the sinking of the Atlantic Branch into a tunnel, the station closed on November 1, 1939.[2] The name would be revived again for Woodhaven Junction when the Rockaway Beach Branch was abandoned on June 9, 1962, until that station too was abandoned in 1976.