Yaphank is a Long Island Rail Road station in the hamlet of Yaphank, New York. It serves the railroad's Main Line (Greenport Branch) and is located on Park Street near Suffolk County Road 21 (Yaphank Avenue). It is also accessible from streets in and around Suffolk County. The distance between Yaphank and the next station, Riverhead, is the longest distance between stations in the LIRR at 14.7 miles. Government Buildings on the north side of the tracks at the bottom of the Yaphank Avenue overpass.

The two sites that are closest to the station are the Suffolk County Police Department auto mechanics shop (a.k.a. "Vector Center") as well as a Georgia-Pacific railroad lumber yard. The historic Suffolk County Almshouse Barn and the former Suffolk County Sanitorium can be found northwest of the station, as well as the Yaphank Avenue bridge over the tracks.


[hide]*1 History

[edit] HistoryEdit

Yaphank Station was originally built as Milleville Station in 1845, and was spelled both as Millville or Milleville on LIRR timetables. It was renamed Yaphank a year later, and has kept that name ever since. Yaphank station was replaced by a second station building in 1875 that contained elaborate gingerbread woodwork. Before World War II, Yaphank Station was known as the stop for the "Camp Siegfried Special", a train that took members of the German American Bund from parts of New York City to an infamous Hitler Youth camp known as Camp Siegfried. The decorative features were reduced considerably in June 1941, and then the station house was closed in 1958 and burned down in 1961. After this, it was little more than a sheltered platform surrounded by concrete. High-level platforms replaced this configuration during the 1990's.

[edit] Carman's River StationEdit

Just east of Yaphank Station, another station in Yaphank, Carman's River Station, served as the temporary terminus of the LIRR main line until Manorville and Riverhead stations were built in 1845.

[edit] Platform and track configurationEdit

This station has one high-level side platform north of the track that is long enough for one and a half cars to receive and discharge passengers. The Main Line has one track at this location.

[edit] ConnectionsEdit

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